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July 15th, 2006, 09:42 AM
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Ok some one had asked about my Loss Story I will try to get through it without tears so bear with me.

In August of 05 I started cramping and spotting only to find baby had quit growing at 5 weeks. I was then allowed to miscarry without surgery. One December 26, 2005 I got another BFP. Everthing was looking so good I was due in September. I went in at about 11 weeks to see the DR. He could not find the Heartbeat so we went into the US room and he checked out everything. They baby was fine moving and you could see the HB. I went in one month later and there was no HB again so back to the US room we went. And there was my baby with no blood flow or HB. I was devasted. He scheduled me for a D&E and I went in and had my surgery. Two weeks later when I went for my checkup I found out I had an infection and that was what caused the baby to pass away. I spent two weeks on 5,200 MG of antibiotics. And was on anti-depressants till I got this BFP on June 23, 2006. Now I am paranoid.
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