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July 15th, 2006, 10:13 AM
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hey mama....

it is good that you are honest with yourself.. but this is a great tine to be able to look past your fears, and focus on your amazing body, and what she is capable of.

there is a large part of pain that is mental, and so by you changing how you precieve pain, you can actually reduce the physical hurt.

spend alot of time learning to relax. sit in a position for a long time meditating, and turn off your urge to move around, shake out your legs, change position. JUST SIT. relax. it takes work, but it is a valuable tool in taking your concentration inwards.

empower yourself with knowledge. read encouraging books about beautiful births, and look at the pictures. truly visualize your birth to be an amazing and fun event. dont read conventional birthing books, they will only add fear~

and remember... the pain is only for one day. you can offer this to your child in return for a gentle birth and happy baby.

yahooooooooo... you can do it
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