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January 20th, 2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MommaDucks View Post
^Everytime I see that at target I want to buy it! Now I;m thinking I should
Echo LOVES it! Here are the downsides... She puts things in it (baby hairbrush, nail polish bottle, other toys) that then get stuck and I have to spend 20 minutes with a pair of tongs to get it out. The base is not attached and comes off very easily so it gets knocked over all the time. IT'S LOUD.

Seriously, she does love it though. I was going to put it away for a while after we received it as a gift, because I didn't think she was old enough to get it. Her Grandpa let her play with it though and she is addicted. She hasn't figured out how to use the hammer part, but she can push the balls through with her hand.

So that's my toy review then...

Thank you MommaDucks for the AMAZING siggy!
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