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January 20th, 2011, 03:00 PM
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Hi! I'm a practical nurse and fertility educator.

Even when taken perfectly, the Pill doesn't always suppress ovulation. It also works by causing very early miscarriages by making the uterine lining too thin for successful implantation, about 7 - 10 days after conception. When pills are missed, it gives the uterine lining a chance to build up a little thicker than normal - so the pregnancy can continue a little longer.

What you describes sounds like a miscarriage. Unfortunately, it's difficult to know for sure. Some women do get positive pregnancy tests just before AF when pill-induced miscarriages occur, but others do not because the hormones levels are simply not high enough to be detected by urine tests. It is unknown how often the pill works by suppressing ovulation and how often it works by causing early miscarriage.

Also, after 8 years on the Pill - has your doctor discussed the long terms risks with you? The Pill is classified by the World Health Organization as a Class I carcinogen (same as tobacco). The risk of breast cancer is especially high if it's taken for longer than 5 years before your first full term pregnancy.

Here's the list, see Oral Contraceptives on page 18:

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