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January 20th, 2011, 08:03 PM
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1. Morning after pill is just fine by me, and before there is a heart beat I don't care about the abortion pill. I also hold no blame to a woman who terminates due to legitimate medical reasons as determined by her doctor. If a doctor really can abort as early as 4 weeks (and thus meaning my own doctor lied to me) then as long as there is no heart beat, I'm Ok with. And I will always vote in favor of abortion remaining legal because the government officials have no business making medical decisions. They are not medical professionals.

2. Presenting your arguments needs to involve reliable sources to prove what you've said. I don't take your words alone as gospel. Pun intended. I don't believe what you believe so if you want me to acknowledge the validity of your argument then you better give me something substantial to go on.

3. All of them.

4. Diminished brain function with hope of recovery given a few months. If the person's brain functionality will be restored in a few months, is it Ok to unplug them now anyway because *right at this moment* they are not a person because *right at this moment* brain function is down?
Because a conceptus is precisely that. A human on life support. Given a few more months of life support, it will come out of its coma. People can chant "my body my choice" all they want but at the end of the day, the mother stopped someone else's heart, not her own. And that someone else was their own separate person. Not an extension of the mother like a finger nail that needed to be clipped. It is a separate human being (on life support waiting to come out of its coma) with its own heart, its own DNA and its own separate body. It's not an attachment, it is separate from the mother. Baby's blood and Mother's blood supply never cross. (Under normal circumstances.) So if you are Ok with someone choosing to stop the beating heart of their own conceptus, are you or are you not Ok with unplugging life support? Why?
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