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July 15th, 2006, 02:04 PM
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To many people have told me to come to this board.. i have had a few miscarriages 2 before i even knew i was pregnant... i am very irregular have periods sometimes only once a year maybe two times. My first and most memorable and its the only that scares me the most with this pregnancy is in 2000 i thought i was 3 months and it turns out the baby died at 9 weeks...i had a dc and went into depression right away. i had a neice that i basically raised who is now almost 5 who helped me make it through bt her dad recently sent her away for 4 years... that pretty much is killing me. they told me that it did not implant right. so now i am scared to death. I am 15 weeks pregnant.. at 6 weeks 3 days they saw the heartbeat and at my last checkup we heard the heartbeat. its drives me crazy waiting for each new check up i want this baby to i know things are ok but i am overweight so i doubt that i will feel anything anytime soon but i am so lost and and worried alot......i know that if i lose this one it will be so much worse becuase i got fathur along.. i need somebody that has felt the same thing... somebody a friend.. i just want one healthy baby and i am afraid that is to much to ask. my Husband says if God wants us to have a baby we will.. if not we will deal with it......
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