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January 21st, 2011, 09:32 PM
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Im now prego with # 3 Ive been wanting a homebirth for a long time since i had ds and dd. but for some reason never jumped the gun, and considering this might be our last I really want to do this , dd was all natural no meds but in the hospital but had issues some issues.

My problem is how do i go about it ??? the nearest birthcenter is about 1.5hr away we dont have midwifes here in our town, i dont think our insurance will cover midwife or birthcenter, and we just simply cant afford out of pocket for a midwife to travel to us which why i was want to do a unasisted homebirth. How do i let my current ob know ?

Ive been seeing my ob since 8wks and he is all for the natural birth at the hospital. If i did this , do i just tell him i quit, I wanna have a HOMEBIRTH! im afraid of what he will say, he really is a great ob BUT he cant give me my homebirth!

More questions If i was to do a Hb unassisted.....

How do i go about the birth certificate ?? dh is in the military and they require birth certificate to enroll baby into dh inssurance.

how do you cut the umblicord , weighing baby , how do you enroll baby to a pediatrics office , I guess i worry to much of the things that normally the hospital would checking baby can hear and all that good stuff , that is the stuff i worry about and im sure that has stopped me in the past...but i really want to do this.... i feel really lost
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