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January 22nd, 2011, 02:17 AM
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Hello everyone!

I'm having my first baby who is a little girl in April and I need some help finding the best name for her. I'm searching for a name that works in two cultures since my husband is from Barcelona and we're planning to spend a longer period in Spain in the future.
I'd like to give her Francesca as her middle name after her daddy! It may sound funny but in our family everyone calls her Poppy because when we first saw her she was soo small! For these reasons her name would be .... Francesca Poppy, but we need a first name.
We'd like to give her a short but sweet name. Neva is one of the names I love but I'm not quite sure whether it is a good choice!
What do you think? I'm open for new ideas so please help me to find the best name for my little daughter!
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