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January 22nd, 2011, 03:04 AM
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3 hours? I have only 1 baby.

i was 4 cm dialated for 2weeks or so..., apparently you are in active labor at that stage? and 10cm is when you are ready to push... well nothing happened for those 2 weeks and they wouldnt keep me in the hospital to break my water... i was just stuck like a open hole... i tried everything to make my water break. lol.

finally i was really tired of being pregnant so i went there and told them you better break my water right now!!! and they were like, 'we dont want to do so before 39 weeks.' and i said, ''Well you can do it now or i will come back 3 days later...''

So they broke my water. ((apparently it was leaking before though, and somehow stopped, the baby head was acting as a cork and low fluid was there, maybe thats why i was stuck at 4cm for weeks...they said it was good thing I came in because low fluid is dangerous. ))

and they gave me penicin (maybe) induction meds? something that makes contractions really intense. and so had to get the epidural too because the contraction pain was unbearable. Then I slept. And 1 hour later, they woke me up cuz the baby was ready to be born. that took about 3-5 minutes, then I slept again. So all and all, from the time of the water breaking, sleeping, and birth, took 3 hours. thanks goodness it wasnt 14 or 15 hours... sometimes a full 24 hours of labor for some people... and I didnt feel anything much except the little ring of fire during birth... and after the birth though, it was kinda painful to walk. lol.
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