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January 23rd, 2011, 02:53 PM
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Thank you ladies! I appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Im def have been doing alot alot of research to see whats best for us... Chirstine yes i totally agree with you , i will def try to see if we can afford a midwife before making my decsion if will go ahead and continue with our unasissted birth. I have a apt on wendsday and plan on talking to my ob , i dont want to keep leading him on but this is something i want to do and im really doing alot of reserach (very time comsuming) and educating my self for this wonderful experince thank you ladies!!!

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If you have Tricare standard they do cover homebirth and a birth center....however the homebirth needs to be with a CNM in there network...which is super hard find. Other wise they cover about 40%. They cover birhtcenter 100%. Im not sure about the rest of your questions but wanted to through that out there since we are Army and im having a homebirth.
yes we have tricare standard as well, Im going def look into it , im pretty sure its going to hard finding a CNM under our network esp where im located here in tx boo , I mean it was hard enough finding out a pcm for kids i can only imagine a CNM but im going to try to be positve!
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