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January 23rd, 2011, 04:01 PM
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January 22nd 2011

I think the excess skin is tightening up, what do you think?

This timeI definitely feel like I can see a difference.
My new weigh in is 24.8lbs

I've been doing crunches every night and I try to keep up on my yoga.
After I went into starvation mode I have definitely been eating more than my allotted calorie intake but I'd rather it take me longer to where I wanna be than go through starving my body again. It was really scary. Especially when I was home alone with the girls.

I just picked up some weights from the PX to use with my exercise DVDs & exercise OnDemand.
My legs are getting pretty strong and flexible but I realize I have been neglecting my arms, gotta work on that.

As you ladies know it is the weekend. They are my weakness because we go out shopping and to do other things and I always end up getting fast food or we go out. & I pick up some sort of junk food from the grocery store Lets hope I don't get too off track this weekend.

Thank you Julka for my amazing Siggy<3
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