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January 23rd, 2011, 09:36 PM
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I was SO very stressed over Collin's party. Money is really tight (as always around here) and though my father couldn't come through on a lot of promises as some expected cash didn't come in. Plus this time last week only 2 people had RSVPed... But it went PERFECTLY!

Since things were so tight, we just had beverages, cake, cheesecake bites, cookies, brownies, and chocolate covered pretzels. Most of which I made yesterday (with a little help from the kids). For my first time making cookies from scratch on my own, they came out great! My parents got the cake, and despite Collin's name being misspelled it looked wonderful.

19 kids were confirmed to come, but we had two (very) last minute cancellations. So I had 15 children, 15 months to 11 years old to try and corral for a few activities. We made mini snow globes out of baby food jars, water, glitter, and winter erasers, which the kids all LOVED. Heck, most of the adults wanted one as well, lol! Then we made snowmen out of paper plates. It was great seeing the kids and the smaller kids parents all working together sharing the few black markers and one hole punch I had.

Then we played "pin the carrot on the snowman." The smaller kids (under 4) just went up and stuck the carrot on, though Collin with his first shot knew that he "had" to stick it in the correct spot. The older kids LOVED getting dizzy and since I cut out way too many carrots, everyone got to go twice. Then a few of them told me I needed a turn since I was the "birthday girl" Lemme just say, not having my glasses on, being blindfolded, and spun around was NOT the greatest experience of my life. Man! How did I used to spin as a kid? I nearly barfed! I mean it didn't help I was spun 24 times, but still!

And while the party was for Collin a few kind family members and friends came bearing birthday cards for me as well. And my BFF got me a few picture frames

As fun, perfect, and great as today was, Tom is on the **** list right now.. He spent the first 3/4 of the party on my phone watching the Packers game, then the last 1/4 watching on the TV he found in a cabinet. Can you believe he was upset with me for having a party during such an important game? WTH??

Anyway 'nuff rambling, pictures are here
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