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January 24th, 2011, 08:00 AM
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what should I do when Ashlyn is basically refusing to eat?

Ashlyn was introduced to the fabulousness that are Cheerios last week. Of course my dad saw how much she liked them that he went out and got her a bag lol. She's fussing? CHEERIOS! Not letting you eat? CHEERIOS!

Well yesterday she refused to eat anything other than Cheerios or the gerber puffs. She screamed and cried if you gave her anything else. I even tried sweet potato since she LOVES those and she refused. She wanted her cheerios. Finally at around 9 pm she ate 4 baby carrots. She nursed just fine (for longer than usual).

I'm giving her breakfast right now so that's good. Should this happen again what should I do? I would give her them since I figured that it was better than nothing for a baby that's used to eating food but I didn't really feel right about it.

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