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January 24th, 2011, 10:51 PM
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Well i had my LONG AWAITED ob appointment today. Went in, everything checks out, bp is a touch high but its ok. Im back at my pre preg weight fully dressed ( still 2 lbs under undressed so we will see how fast i can put that back on lol) All my previous labs checked out well.
Then we tried to find the HB. and ONCE AGAIN, the baby was very stubborn. The first appointment it took over 5 minutes and everyone was starting to look worried. This time it took almost 5 but when we found it. the baby was REALLY low. My uterus is 3 cm below my belly button, But once again the baby was almost below my pubic bone and hard to find. It kicked the doppler, i felt and heard it which was great.
Then as my dr was standing up to walk out, i asked about the anatomy scan. He wavered, said he wanted to wait till at least 20, or my next ob, when ill be almost 22 weeks along!! OMG i said but im DYING here!!! He asked if this was about the gender and i said yes, so he said ok. If i wait till next week to schedual it he would give me the referal.
So i was good, when i called for my appointment and they offered me tomorrow, i said i needed Monday. So there it is. Monday it is. UGH. Another week. Im seriously counting on some orders from my store to keep me busy through the longest week of my life ( again lol) Im finishing up some cute stocking caps and have another 3 hat order which i should be able to finish by Wed... So here is to hoping i get a few more so i can keep myself occupied better lol...I dont want to make any more gender neutral baby items for Octopus Prime before i find out its gender. ( although saying Octopus Prime and its sounds right lol) And making gender specific things just is frustrating because half wont get used... So there ya have it I get the scan next week. FINALLY, and ill get an offical EDD then ( rather then from June 28th to July 2nd ) Im leaning to a July baby though lol.
Anyway yeah, im rambly lol. Night.
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