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January 25th, 2011, 11:52 AM
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Well on facebook today I posted this status "Breakfast table talk: "I killed someone who was 2 years old" -dk." Dakota says funny stuff all the time. But I would never post something like that on facebook if I thought it was a concern for my child..She swears sometimes, and gets in trouble. She says stuff like this sometimes, and we obviously talk about it! I would never leave something like that alone. She was kidding..she meant Gauge, and it had to do with them playing barbies and toy story army men in the doll house together (the army men have guns attached to them) which all army men do lol. I don't allow them to play together violently, and Dakota didn't mean it in a violent manner at all. But a couple of people on my status were I'm a crap mom and only laugh about stuff like that and don't even care about what it means for my child. I wasn't going to tack onto the status ..don't worry we obviously talked about it like any normal parent would do with their kind of just have to assume that part. When the kids are older we will look back on that and it will be funny, and I think its funny now so I shared it! I'm glad some other moms on my facebook could recognize that

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