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January 25th, 2011, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Babybear4 View Post
It measured 3.2 mm (or is it cm? ) and he said they prefer to see it between 4-5 at this stage, so not too concerning but enough that they want to make sure it doesn't go any further. As far as I know, they didn't see any funneling. I am not sure when they will check it again, probably at my appointment on the 18th or if I have more contractions that don't stop with the terb.
3.2 cm, not mm. haha. If you were in the mm you'd be in the hospital! Well, if it makes you feel any better mine was 2.5 cm 2 weeks ago. I've had it checked again since then when they noticed the funneling (last week), and I'll have it checked again on Thursday. I'm not concerned too much. Mine was at 0.7 cm with my daughter at 26 weeks and contracting every 2 minutes in labor. I managed to keep her in until 35 1/2 weeks. Bed rest and meds do wonders. Definitely listen to your body and take breaks whenever you feel necessary. Just because you haven't been put on bed rest at this point doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. Try to not lift your toddler too much (or at all). And no stooping/squatting. Obviously I'm not your doc, but those are some big things that cause more contractions than you want.

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