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January 26th, 2011, 01:56 PM
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I think the shelter or breed rescue is a great idea. There are so many dogs out there sitting in shelters or rescues waiting for a new home.

As far as what the best dog is, I think it varies on your family and lifestyle. A lot of times people don't research enough before they get a dog and then they end up getting rid of it because it was too energetic or it barked too much.

My inlaws bought an Irish Setter a few years ago without doing research and they now realize that he's too much for them. Their reason for buying the dog was because they're Irish and they liked the color. NOT reasons to buy a dog. Irish Setters are stubborn and high strung and they get pretty big. So now they are looking for a new home for him and it makes me super sad. They also don't have a lot of land for him to run around on, which Irish Setters need.

I think a German Shepard is a good choice for you from the sounds of it: Loyal, Smart, and protective.

Good luck!

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