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January 26th, 2011, 10:41 PM
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Stay warm and dry, Melanie!!!

I love Yoplait yogurts (and off=brands, too). They have been a help! Have you tried any of the 100 calorie snack bars? I got a big box from Costco of Kudo's 100 calorie snack (granola) bars. There are a bunch out there, but those are YUMMY! And I also like SouthBeach breakfast bars, they are 140 calories and about 8 g of protein! YUM. They aren't the HIGH protein ones that are way expensive... I find them in the cereal aisle where all the other granola and pop tart things are.


Today was MUCH better, but still not great. I worked out, we had Kensley's music class, and I snacked all day. Got my water in, too, and finished about 150 calories less than "allowed". I still MUST stop the mindless snacking! Jeesh.

Tomorrow should be good, too, as it's a big workout day and I'm busy til noon, so no snacking in the a.m., and then I'm beat and will try to take a nap, so hopefully, no snacking in the afternoon. I love naps.

I'm behind on work, so I am tempted to skip a nap (I did today) but when I'm exhausted, I snack A LOT, so it'd be better to nap and suck it up and work late (for some reason, I don't feel the need to snack at all at night). UG. I can't wait until I'm caught up... which may be.. NEVER.
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