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January 27th, 2011, 03:12 PM
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our last name is Calabria, which is a province of Italy, and my husband is Italian.

We've pretty much decided on Ava Lucile for a girl (Lucile is my middle name) FOR NOW anyway
but I also like Ella, Grace, Charlotte and Avery for FN

and the middle name Joseph for a boy (DH's middle name, as well as his father, brother, and grandfather) but we can't think of anything Italian that's not so "ma-ma-miiii-ah" [ie, no Giovanni, etc]. We don't want him to sound like a character on the Sopranos. And its not an aboslute MUST that it be Italian, but some idea would be great.

Some ideas were [not all italian sounding]
Anthony (I think its too common though)

HELP! the baby name books are just too daunting. am I really gonna go through 300 pages of names??

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