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January 28th, 2011, 09:07 PM
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Same thing we do every weekend.. lots of little projects, mass, shovel/plow some snow and sit around.

This weekend DH is supposedly going to clear out the extra bedroom so I can start setting it up as a nursery (change of plans I guess.. we're not rennovating it first, money isn't there).

DH said he's going to make DS's lego table finally.

DH says he's going to bring in all the baby things so I can go through them and find out what we need and start preparing what we have.

Anyone noticing a trend here...? I get to hound DH all weekend!

I know we'll go to Mass on Sunday, go visit his grandparents and probably have to pull out the tractor to move snow banks and plow. I'm hoping that in the midst of all this I can also do some organizing in DS's room. I need to go through his clothes again and see what doesn't fit so it can be packed away and go through his toys again.
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