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January 29th, 2011, 01:39 AM
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I thought I would share A.J's 15 months measurements on the main board..

A.J had his 15 month check up last Monday..

He was measured first at 28.5 inches, which put him at the 0 percentile. The nurse and I agreed to measure him again.. But at the second attempt he was wiggling.. He measured between 29-29.5 inches.. Which is 10th percentile.. I figured I just leave it at 29 inches because I have a feeling at his 18 month check up, there will probably be not much of a change (this has happened before)

He weighed in at 21 lbs 5 oz's.. Which is 10th percentile.. And I don't remember his head size, but it's in the 90th percentile.. He's got some brain power going on there.. lol

A.J is still not walking full blown yet (he does cruise and take 5-6 steps on his own).. Which I think is a good thing.. Gives him time to put on some weight before he's super active.. My friend tends to tease me saying he's top heavy.. lol But I have a feeling he will take off once he gets tubes placed in his ears in a week.. So I'm crossing my fingers..

The doctor is not concerned about his growth pattern.. He's growing like he should for his growth curve. We did have his blood drawn to check his allergies (recommended by his doctor) and he is highly allergic to Soy, Peanuts, Egg Whites, and Cat.. Moderately allergic to Dogs and has a low allergy to milk..

A.J did have another ear infection at his check up, so he's on the grumpy side.. In a few more days no more painful ear infections.. woo hoo! I'm just not looking forward to seeing him go under anesthesia.

But that's about it.. His measurements explain why he is barely fitting in size 12 month clothing..

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