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January 29th, 2011, 02:01 PM
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How are you doing, Melanie? Have you been able to check out the gym? How's your water doing?

I got about 1/2 my water in so far today, and I think I'll be able to get the rest in... no prob.

I certainly made up for yesterday's indulgence with workout today! I think the calculations show I burned about 700 calories today! I did the rower, bike and weights. I feel GREAT after I go... almost like I was back in college (although, post-sports )

I've been fighting the voice in my head that says to go grab some of those heath bar things... and I feel pretty strong to be able to say I haven't given in. It's a power thing for me, otherwise, I would have thrown the bag out! I'm testing myself.

Tonight, I think I'll make a light chicken enchilada casserole, so I can stay well under my cals and make up for yesterday.

Tomorrow is our tall girls club, dinner, and I plan on doing chef salad with dressing on the side... maybe no cheese... (but I LOVE cheese), and workout before I go to allow myself a few more calories. I have a feeling it will be a pancake, egg, bacon breakfast tomorrow, too... and those aren't light

My goal is always to LIVE while losing weight. If I feel like I'm dieting or restricting myself, I will never stick to it and it will ALLLLL come back on, plus more, probably... so I just want to do this so I am living, but also aware.

HOpe you are having a GREAT weekend!
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