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January 31st, 2011, 06:20 PM
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I have to share with you ladies a recent conversation with my eldest sister. For someone with 2 children, she is very uneducated when it comes to childbirth. We were talking about home birth vs. hospital birth. And here is part of the conversation:

Sister: What do you do if your water breaks?
Me: What do you mean? I labor like everyone else.
Sister: No, I mean you only have 12 hours before you have to have a c-section, or the baby will die
Me: (looong dramatic pause) Um, where did you hear that?
Sister: I had two kids and I have friends that are L&D nurses and they all say the same thing, if a baby is not out 12 hours after your water breaks your baby will die.
Me: How will it die?
Sister: The baby can't breathe anymore because you have no amniotic fluid left and the baby will suffocate to death!

At this point (as terrible as it sounds) I laughed out loud at her! I asked if she had ever watched a birth, and she admitted she hadn't. I told her to watch one and watch how much fluid comes out AFTER the baby is born. I reassured her that I have done the research and it is actually normal for birth to take more than 12 hours once water is broken and it is OK. She doesn't believe me and thinks even more so that I am crazy! The conversation got much more entertaining on how uneducated she really was about pregnancy, labor and delivery.

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