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February 1st, 2011, 08:37 AM
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I need some help coming up with baby names. I am 15 weeks along; so I know I have plenty of time. However, my husband is dragging his feet on the issue and I want to be prepared when he decides to talk seriously about it.

A few things to note: we are not finding out the sex until delivery (everyone tells me Iím crazy) and this is our first little angel.

About us: married 3 years; together 10 years; high school sweethearts; traditional Irish catholic families; we have a dog and a cat, we love sports and everything outdoors, our last name it Murphy.

About our tastes in names: We both like the more traditional names (even Jason is a little too modern for me). The only real info. my husband has given me is that he likes the idea of a saint name. I looked at a lot of saint names and some of them can be rather unusual. I really like Henry and Benjamin for a boy, but he wasnít very responsive to those. I tend to like boy names for girls (Charlie, Eliot, Andy) but then I also really like Stella. My husband didnít seem keen on those either.

Names we like but canít use for various reasons: Patrick, John, Daniel, James, Adeline, Abigail, Katherine, Matthew, Michael, Zachary, Liam, Lucy.

I know this is a lot of information, but I wanted to make sure you get the whole picture. Can anyone help me? I know there are some gems out there that have just slipped my mind. Looking for boy and girl names.

Thank you!
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