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February 1st, 2011, 11:40 AM
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I missed some:

Illegal Immigrants *not immigration POLICY--Illegal says it all

Gender Selection--against

Fat Tax--against

Shopping Carts--Okay am I missing something?

Kids drinking soda/eating candy/poptarts for breakfast--Poptarts sure once in a while. soda and candy nope

Peanut Butter bans in schools for nut allergies--Against--

VBACs--wonderful pro

Government involvement in citizens lives--less is more

Seat Belt law/ laws to protect citizens from themselves --against

Unassisted Childbirthing--for

Plastic Surgery --if it makes you feel better go for it

Chili (with or without beans) --WITHOUT

Welfare --too broad--we need more assistance with childcare for single working mothers.

dress codes for school/office--for

Elective C-sections/elective repeat C-Sections--I hate this idea. I'm against it.

Introducing solids-it has to be done eventually LOL

Car Seats--absolutely 100% for


Children and Pets--supervised sure, children shouldn't be expected to have full care of pets until well they leave the house. LOL

Nursing in Public--For

Cry it Out--age? Not tiny babies....and depends on the situation.

Television and Infants/Toddlers--some,

Caring for your elderly parents --is this a choice?

Diamonds--They are a girls best friend....but I"m against them for political reasons

In-N-Out Burger--I live on the east coast.........never had one

Reborn dolls--HUH?

Homosexual orientation/relationships--Love is love take it where you can find it.

Polyamory--no problem for people without children.

Scary movies--Don't like kids love them.

Transcultural adoption--no opinion or I guess....sure why not.

Drug testing welfare recipients--absolutely for

"Luxuries" on welfare- vacation, designer accessories, upscale phones, TV w/cable, etc--how would you monitor this?

Organized religions--NOt for me...

Mandatory breastfeeding attempts/prescriptions for formula--AGAINST

Family beds--NOT a fan

TTC on assistance--?

Infants/toddlers in bikini style swim suits--cute cute cute

Leash backpacks for kids-well they aren't leashes and I'm for them although never used them.

Beauty pageants --I'm okay with them but way too much to say to explain fully. Never did them with my girls.

TV watching for kids under age 2 __________________sure, appropriate and not a days worth.
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