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February 1st, 2011, 11:48 AM
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Hi, Melanie! I've had those whining days. Talk about wanting to give your kid away for a day! They know JUUUUST how to do it, too, so it drives you mad. Kensley's lost losts of priviledges and has had a spanking or two because of days with incessant whining. Ug...

Yep, today it's -17 now. and it's noon. BRRR... and Kensley stands by the door and leaves it open to let the dogs in and out

Yesterday was good.

Today: no MOPS, which is good. but at the same time, I'm already only 500 from maxing out on my cals (those freaking snacks) so I may have to walk the treadmill tonight to give me some leniency for a fun dinner (pulled beef, oven fries, veggies...) and hot cocoa for dessert By the end of the day, though, I'm usually too tired to get on any exercise equipment!

Water. Yep. I'm short on that today, too. I'll have to better that.

I'm tired. Nap will be in my future, I can see it... all bundled under the covers!
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