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February 1st, 2011, 08:48 PM
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I personally wouldn't, but I'm a cheapskate. For me, it would boil down to the money and I wouldn't be able to fork it over very willingly. I don't know what your long term travel plans are, but I know for us, we plan on cruising again and again and again, so during these early years, we don't even try to vacation at our pace, we always vacation at the kiddo's pace. That means a lot of beach days and shorter excursions while shoreside. She's only this little once and we love every second of vacation with her, even the stressful times. As she gets older, we'll be able to do more and we'll also have vacations where it's just DH and I to do all of the stuff that we can't do without her.

We didn't cruise with our daughter until she was 2.5, but she's been on several land vacations each year since she was 2 months old. It's hard to compare the 2 because they are so different, but I'm a huge advocate of always going at your child's pace. Nap when it's naptime, feed her at her regularly scheduled time as well as any other time she's hungry and if she's antsy or in meltdown mode, then it's time to finish up and go back to the condo/hotel for some quiet time to decompress. This formula has always worked very well for us in the past and the only major problems we've ever had on a vacation was during the most recent one, where she did not like being inside our stateroom on the ship because it was so small and didn't have windows (she was fine every time we left the room, but inconsolable inside the room). Plus, my daughter has autism (high functioning), so that's another challenge we face while vacationing. If your child is more easygoing, you will have an easier time.
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