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February 1st, 2011, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Stacye13 View Post
Does he always pee and poop in the same place? If so, I'd shampoo the carpet or wash the floor very thoroughly. It may be the scent in the carpet. Mine does this sometimes too but his is usually because his stomach is upset. We crate trained ours when we first got him. He's about to go back in the crate at night though. He is attempting to "dominate" my 13 year old son. LMAO. Awhile back he started peeing in DS's room. He once pooped on his bed! DS had to keep him in the crate in his room and take him out to walk every day. Well DS has been with his dad and my Mom for the last week and now the dog has peed in his room twice. I'm finding it extremely funny that the dog is trying to take DS's place in the "pack".
OH MY GOSH!!! I remembered when the dog I used to have would try to dominate. It was completely different than what you dog does. LOL. I was picturing something so completely different.

ETA: I was thinking... that poor boy!
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