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February 1st, 2011, 11:41 PM
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Not surprising. It seems every woman I know who birthed at a hospital has a story about how they almost died and the baby got out "just in time". Seems like everyone is a high risk pregnancy these days. Sheesh, just look at the numbers of C sections. Some hospitals are up to 40%!

In my opinion I feel that the whole goal of hospitals and OBs is to put fear into women. This way women will opt for tons of expensive drugs and then give birth in time for the doctor to make it to their golf game. *Yeah I have issues with some modern medicine*

In order to convince my husband to have a homebirth, I agreed to see an OB at least once. In only 30 minutes the doctor put enough fear into me that I got suckered into getting $200 worth of useless tests. I finally put my foot down when they tried to convice me to get tested for some sort of disease that only Jewish people get(we're not Jewish).
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