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February 2nd, 2011, 01:44 AM
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I also suggest doing lots of research to help ease your mind. If you have a Home birth once you will never want to go to the hospital again.

I might fit your criteria for offering advice. I've had two in the vehicle en route to the hospital because of fast labors. I really am not sure I'm in labor till I hit transition and that can be 20 to 45 minutes till birth of the baby for me. After two car births we just decided to stay home. I'm also a double VBAC mom.

Although delivering in the car was not the most comfortable position I would still take that over a hospital birth any day.

Do lots and lots of research, talk to your midwife heart to heart. Try to meet others who have had HB's in your area and see if that doesn't give you some peace about it all.

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