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February 2nd, 2011, 08:32 AM
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Hi, Melanie! How's the water going?

I was GREAT on water yesterday, and as suspected, too tired to do the treadmill in the p.m., and of course then, DD wants to make cookies and DH wanted brownies anyway, so we made one batch of cookies and I ate well, a few... So, I was WAY over yesterday. I think by like 600 or so calories! Jeesh.

Soooo... knowing we now have a few cookies in the house and that I have no will power... there is no school today because of the freezing temps (high of 2, low again -20) DH is home (teacher) and I am going to the gym this morning to get a heavy duty workout in. I already can tell you I'm going to eat cookies. I'll also get in my water, I've been doing OK with that. I have no idea what we'll eat for supper, but I will try something that isn't uber fattening.

So, the balancing act begins. I have to find a way to balance all this so I can live normally. I don't want to "diet" or feel deprived or that I can't ever eat cookies or pizza or beer or wine or whatever! So, we'll see how all this turns out when I step on the scale on Monday
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