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February 2nd, 2011, 12:29 PM
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Hey there... I am the same way - trying to live normally while still losing weight is a battle in itself...

Water is going very well - I drank about 44 oz yesterday - not the 64 that I "need" but hey that is better than nothing...

I have drank about 25oz today - will have to fill up my bottle again...

Last night sucked because I finished off the chocolate cake in the house - but that also means there are no sweets in my house other than cookie dough and I am way to tired at night to make then so I am good right now...

Breakfast today was Raisin Bran, OJ, Strawberry Yogurt
Lunch - Soup, salad, sandwich - probably over on calorie because the can of soup is 2 servings which is just stupid - no one is going to open a can that you can't reseal and only eat half - go ahead an adjust the lable for 1 serving or make the can smaller... sandwich was bad because it was cheese sandwich - Cheese is my downfall in life... I love it way too much - probably more than my hubby

Dinner tonight - I am going to church night supper with my mom at her church and it is breakfast so I know that it probably won't be good but I at least know ahead of time...

Still working on that goal of getting onto the treadmill - I may just have to get up early (like 4am or so - which sometimes I am anyway) and do it then - I am so much more of a morning person than a night person.

Right now I am having severe pain in my foot from my bunyons (sp) - old lady feet is what I call them - UGH --- so I have exercises that I need to do --- carrying a 30lb toddler up and down stairs (15) gets to you...

So I am doing okay so far - not great yet but I will get there - I just need the time... Which is what I know I have!!!!

have a great day!!!!!!!!! Eat a cooking then eat a piece of fruit - see balance
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