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February 2nd, 2011, 04:57 PM
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Hello ladies! Thought I would come post DH and I know that DS is our only child.

I am 31, DH is 40 (will be 41 this year). We live with my parents which allows me to stay at home with our son. I do babysit for my neighbors 16 month old son 4 days a week as well.

We recently decided DS would be our only child for several reasons:
1) DH's age.
2) Finances (we're currently in the last year and a half of working with a debt settlement company to pay off our credit cards; we currently have both of my CC's (debt I brought into the relationship) settled...and will have one remaining unpaid (DH's debt he brought into the relationship) until at least later this year when the settlement company can start negotiating with the collection agency that has the card now; we are also in the last year and a half of paying off DH's car that was bought 4 months into my pregnancy with our son; all of this currently amounts to $640 a month extra in bills (not including cell phone bill, car insurance, groceries, and my student loan)).
3) DH and I love to travel...and because of our finances don't get to travel as much as we would like. Our hope is that once we can start putting away the extra money I mentioned above, we'll have a vacation account and be able to take a yearly family vacation.
4) As you can see in my siggy, we are planning a 2012 Christmas trip to Disney. This plays a big part in us not having a nother child. I would rather not take an infant (or young toddler to Disney, been there done that with DS; while it was an amazing experience, it was also quite exhausting and a hassle with all the baby gear). I would also rather not be pregnant going to WDW (as we had talked ;ast year about TTC again in fall of 2012). Not to mention, when you look at how old DH and I would be by the time a 2nd one was born, it's just too old for me.

I have to say, I'm rather excited about DS being our only child. As I know we'll be able to give him more experiences that neither DH or I were able to have as children (goodness knows our parents did the best they could).

The only thing DH and I haven't decided on is if he's getting the snip or if I'm going to get my tubes tied/blocked (essure). But, we have time to decide that. I am still on the pill...andplan on staying on it until after one of us goes in for the procedure.

Ok. I guess this post is long enough. Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know you ladies.
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