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February 3rd, 2011, 09:39 AM
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If it's any encouragement to you I'll give you the short of my story. I've had two c section, my first and third. My first VBAC was at the hospital but not without being induced, epidural, etc.

My second VBAC was also in the hospital. However, it was taking 1 1/2 hours to push my son out. The Dr. insisted I lay on my back to push but it was uncomfortable. I asked the nurse to get up when the Dr. walked out of the room and she let me. I had pushed him down to crowning in 10 minutes while pushing on my knees.

My fifth child was going to be another VBAC birth in the hospital, but I never made it. I had an unassisted birth in our vehicle. A friend had to drive me to the hospital as my husband was deployed.

With our sixth child my husband was home and he had declared that if he had been home with the fifth that he would have gotten me to the hospital. The same scenario played out with our sixth, again another unassisted birth in the vehicle. So when we were expecting our seventh I just wanted to stay home. So we have had two at home and are planning on staying home with this one as well.

I understand your fears and concerns. Let me just say that really your chances of having something go wrong are no greater than someone who has never had a c-section. Nine times out of 10 I think that uterine rupture is caused more from the unnatural contractions of pitocin, and I'm sure if you go to the hospital that they will want to give you some of it.

A midwife will be very laid back with you and let your body do as it needs to in order to give birth.

Hope you come to the final conclusion that is best for all of you.

Just one other thing I want to add. If you do decide to go to the hospital for the birth you will have to be extremely adamant that they give you nothing. You can refuse a c-section even if your body doesn't fit into their 1cm an hour chart. You may have to sign a waiver stating that it was against Dr.'s recommendation. The only problem with all of this is that when you are in a painful labor you don't have as much will to fight as you would before labor starts.

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