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February 3rd, 2011, 10:45 PM
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My husband was the same way until the midwife informed him that giving birth at home is actually safer than in the birth center.

The reason is because the baby will be born into our environment, meaning our germs. Things the baby's immune system needs to get used to. The baby's fragile immune system will be born into your germs and not those of many families that birthed there before you.

In addition(and this could be interpreted as theory rather than fact) a homebirth has less of a chance of problems that could arise from your stress.

The reason for this is because generally women have better labors and birth when they are relaxed and comfortable.
Where are you most relaxed? At home! Wouldn't it be nice to spend labor walking on your deck, sitting in your tub, eating from your fridge, playing with your dog, etc...? At a birth center, sure you can move around, but it's not YOUR place. If you have a long labor, you'll be bored and uncomfortable.
My husband liked the idea that he would even be able to watch football and grill a steak while I'm in labor.

It sounds like your husband is just not educated on homebirth. Does your midwife have some literature he can read about it? All the equipment and supplies they have at the birth center, they bring to your home. And just like the birth center, the midwife does the cleaning. Think of it as your home turning into a birth center.
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