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February 4th, 2011, 12:31 AM
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Thanks, ladies. I talked to my DH about it some more today, gave him all of the arguments you listed (especially about not wanting to give birth in the car -- I remember that with DS #1, the car ride to the hospital was one of the most painful parts of the labor, and that was a much shorter ride than this one would be!), and he couldn't come up with much in response. All he could really do is shake his head and say 'homebirth just seems weird.' But I think I'm going to end up winning him over. At the end of the day, he cares about it less than I do, which means I can keep up the fight for longer!

Part of the problem, lrowe, is that this actually isn't our home, so I really can't claim that it's where I would feel more comfortable. If I had a homebirth, it would be at my mom's house in the U.S. over the summer. DH and I actually live in a tiny apartment in China, so homebirth there isn't an option! (No one to attend). I think that's actually part of the problem, is that my DH doesn't want to do the birth at my mom's house, because he thinks we'll be imposing on my mom. But she's very supportive of it. Honestly, she's just glad that we're not having the baby in China, and she'd offer absolutely any facility that was available to her to make sure that that's what happens!

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