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February 4th, 2011, 07:30 AM
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Awww... Melanie! I didn't see the post about hitting the deer I'm so sorry. That is heartwrenching AND taxing because of the damage it does. I'd be a mess if I hit a deer...

So glad you got to meet Neepa! That is awesome Did you get any pics? Do you bot live in the same city? Too cool!

You know... a snickers now and again isn't going to kill you, it's just how the rest of the day goes. Mexican food can be OK. We had red enchiladas yesterday, and they were pretty healthy. Corn torts are low cals, as is the sauce... but it's all the yummy cheese and meat that can throw things off. If you had beans and just a little rice, you may have done OK...

Try not to beat yourself up and just work on one thing at a time. It was a hectic day and a fun, special lunch!

Me? I did great yesterday. I did cardio workout for a little over an HOUR! and some ab work and my food was fine (calorie wise, I'm still eating some junk... doritos, goldfish, snack bars... but it fits in my calories, so I'm not worrying about going all out healthy right now). I think I was UNDER by about 600 or so calories, which makes up for one of my other blow-off days...

Sunday's going to be bad, but the SuperBowl doesn't come around but once a year! I think I'm either going to do some wine or Michelob Ultra... the ultra is actually fewer calories and I like them both... You can bet I'll be eating some yummy junk, too. I'm weighing Sunday MORNING, and then will work on getting it off the rest of the week

Tonight, we're doing pizza, but I figure what I usually eat is about 600 calories, so I just keep that in mind for the day. I don't know if I'll get exercise in. Not going to town today. Kellen's got a slight fever, none of us slept well. I should get on the treadmill, but being tired...
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