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February 4th, 2011, 01:56 PM
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hi im new to this forum and .. here is my story.

i rekindled a relationship with my ex which has been going really great. what i feel now is that we were very young when we first were together and now being older and ready for wedding bells and baby cribs we have been closer then ever and just very honest with who and where we are in our lives.

after we decided to get engaged we also decided we werent worried about getting pregnant before the wedding happens.

i was 8 weeks when that pregnancy ended and going through the m/c made me realize that i had not only m/c 'd ... but i knew exactly how it felt because the first time i was with my soon to be hubby, we broke up and i had a m/c ... it needed no aftercare because i just decided it was the most painful period ever. and went on with my life. not knowing or ever asking why i was doubled over in pain and why there was so much ... mass i guess youd say. i never told a doctor ... never told the my guy ... i didnt know ... weird to say.

well this kinda made me feel awful thati had m/c'd twice now ... though they were 5 years apart i was newly shocked.

i am now 11 weeks and am very excited for a new chance. i am in high hopes but how can you ever not be to scared to be excited? i know my guy has a hard time being excited cause of his fear of the past losses.

he now knows the whole story and we are just ... holding our breath id say! lol
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