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February 5th, 2011, 03:34 PM
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Hi, Melanie...

Yesterday ended up great! I got in all my water, worked my butt off (hopefully literally!) ate a YUMMY pizza (well, a good slice and a half)... I was over on calories, but I knew I would be and I'm not disappointed in that. I even tried, (yes, TRIED) to work out, but it was freaking impossible. I had Kellen in the sling and walked briskly on the treadmill at about a 10% incline for 12 minutes, and then I ran out of steam, especially when my 3 year old was bouncing around yelling, "my turn, my turn". So, I did get 12 min. in and my daughter got a few minutes in, too That's seriously more than I thought I would do.

Today is even better. I feel great and am consciously testing my will power. Water is great, worked out HARD core this morning, had 1 slice of left over pizza for lunch and no more, and when I got the idea to snack (my downfall), I instead put whitening strips on my teeth These need to stay on for 1/2 hour, so it helped outlast the craving to snack out of boredom (or just cuz...)

I'm now hungry and want to snack, but am seeing if I can last til dinner, which is only an hour or so away. I'm testing myself I want to end the day with enough calories to "spare" so it makes up for yesterday and I have some in "reserve" for tomorrow

Tomorrow, I'm going to work out hard again so I can have room for a yummy SuperBowl party and some good glasses of wine or Mich. ultra
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