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February 6th, 2011, 04:08 AM
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I'm Katey, 32, mother to a beautiful 6 day old boy named Liam. For various reasons, we have decided to bottle feed our boy. I breastfed the first night and early the 2nd morning.

The hopital gave us enfamil premium newborn nursettes. Little Liam took to them great!! Now that we're home, we bought the same formula in powder. We have tried the 8 oz. Dr. brown bottles w/ the newborn nipples in the starter kit and some 4 oz. Avent with level 1 Avent nipples.

Sweet Liam doesn't drink as quickly or as happily from either bottle as he did the nursettes from the hospital. I'm worried hes not eating enough. He's been wrapped in a biliblanket sinnce 6 pm last night (its now 6 am) while being held against mommy and daddy. Maybe thats hindering his feeding? Probably not tho.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! We see his pediatrician again today got more jaundice tests so we'll be sure to ask. thanks!
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