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February 8th, 2011, 10:13 AM
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Wow...some of these pics are amazing.

Nicole: Thomas looks exactly like you!! And Bailey looks like her Daddy. Collin is your mix...from what I can see.

And Chris: Man do your youngests look alike! Minus the hair color, they could be twins!

Liam is a combo baby. He has his dad's eyes and ears. My lower-half of the face. If you look at baby pics (which I don't have scanned in), he resembles me more. BUT, as adults, people comment he looks just like Dave.

Which, strangely happened when I was a baby too. People commented on how strongly I resembled my mom. But looking at baby pics, I looked way, way more like my dad. It is the eye thing that throws it off. Since they are the most noticable feature.
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