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February 8th, 2011, 06:19 PM
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I wish I could say it was good news but I am too scared to say otherwise.

Did you ever have a + preggo test w/the Mirena? I Haven't had a period yet. I thought I was going to start. I've had 2 days total of very light spotting it would go for a few hours, stop, then go a few more, just a lot of cramping & sore breasts. I've been feeling....that way, so I took one during my lunch break in class. It was a 1st response pink dye test. It showed up within a minute. I'm going to the Dr. on the 11th to get bloodwork done but I'm freaking out!!!! PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING ON MY FB!

I am also lactating heavily again, nipple sensitivity and darkening. All these symptoms are starting to mount no matter how much I try to pretend it isn't happening.

Hubby has even noticed, but he doesn't know I took the test. He's "making" me take one though on the 11th. He doesn't know what I know and I don't want to worry him until I know something for sure.

I took a 2nd was the same kind of test. I took it DURING the day, and it was still +. But it was about 50% lighter. But still very obviously there.

I'm freaking out ladies. I know this is a very bad and dangerous situation. I am worried because I know that if this isn't some kind of fluke thing, I'll most likely lose it anyways.


I feel like a murderer.

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