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February 10th, 2011, 08:07 AM
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My name is Christina and I have two girls. Rachel is 3 and Jamie is 21 months. We hae noticed Jamie has a lazy eye and we hae known since she was 15 months. Well I thought it didn't look right when she was 9 months old but I know babies don't always hae the muscle control. Our pedi when she was 15 months old sent us to an eye surgon in the area who worked on adults and he told us that the reason her eye looks crossed is because she has a big nose and the bones han't fully deeloped yet. When I went back to my pedi he said if I wanted to wait untill she was He would send her to a pediatric eye doctor 2 hours away. Well it has not got better and my Family want me to try to just coer the good eye and see if that helps. I do not want to do that because My hubby has really bad eyesight and if she has bad eyes like him then that would be like putting a blindfold on her. She is constantly falling and I am sure it is because she can't judge distance. I hae recently got the girls on the medical card so my question is should I Take her to an eye doctor sooner or wait untill the year appointment?
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