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February 12th, 2011, 09:10 AM
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I know that many women will continue seeing the OB for the entire pregnancy for the benefits off the ultrasound and they plan on just accidentally on purpose, not making it in time to the hospital. Some people are scared that if they share that their plans were intentional, The wrong person would call CPS, etc. It does happen.

No one can prove though that you purposely waited too long. As far as getting everything together legally after the birth it isn't as hard as you may think depending on your counties laws. Mine, I just had to go to health dept, fill out what I wanted on the birth cert, state that DH caught baby and have him there with me as the "other witness" that the birth took place. Also a bill from one month before and one month after baby was born to prove we lived in that county at time of birth.

Nothing was an issue at all. I just called the ped and made an appointment for 3 days old for a check up. They did ask all the questions like, did he get the hep b shot in the hospital, what hospital was he born in, etc. I told them he was born at home. I always get the "Oh wow!" I tell them it was with a midwife but don't share her full name because she is a direct entry midwife, not legal in my state. Which is why I had to say DH caught baby.

Some women though prefer taking their entire prenatal care into their own hands. I like having my urine checked each month since I am prone to UTI's during pregnancy so I contine the OB care since it is covered my medicaid. Last two pregnancies I left OB care without letting them know (and they never called to check up on why either) with about a month or so to go. I may just keep it till the end this time since my clinic now has a program for free carseats that I so badly need.
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