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February 12th, 2011, 04:41 PM
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ive mostly been lurking but i need help

my youngest son(ive posted about him before on here) is 20months and weighed 21Ibs ... right now he is in the 23rd percentile for height and weight.
Now for the past 5days he has had the runs(he usually has the runs anyways because of allergies etc and has yet to have a solid bm) but we go thru atleast 10poops/day and he is refusing to eat anything.
He is super picky anyways and allergic to everything including dairy. but lately he wont eat anything except a small bowl of applesauce in the morning. He is on vitamins and hypo allergenic formula but he refuses to drink anymore then 1 bottle/day of formula.
I have been trying everything. I took him to the family dr here and she said its a bug he will get over it. BUT he is down to 19Ibs in 5days now , i can see every rib and his backbone. His clothes arnt fitting anymore.
My SO is thinking I should take him to the childrens hospital in the city.
So far my fam. dr and ped have refused to send him for allergy tests because he is too little. I fought them and he has an apt may 24. He has seen a dietician but she didnt help. Im at my witts end, he hardly plays anymore cuz it takes energy he doesnt have.

Any ideas?

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