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February 12th, 2011, 05:10 PM
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The epi was practically forced on me during my first birth. I was induced and wanted to go natural. Yeah, it was painful but I was confident I could do it. However, it's all about what is convenient for the nurses sometimes. I kept squirming around too much and the monitors kept slipping and every few minutes they kept having to come back in and readjust them so they told me all kinds of stuff like women who get induced need the epidural and started scaring me with how much worse it was gonna get (I was at 6 cm and never asked for anything).

Either way, I finally gave in. I mean, even before I had it they wouldn't let me out of bed, made me squat in the bed over a bedpan to poop, how degrading! I may have well had the epi. I took it and it took 4 tries, so painful to get it.
I had back probs for months at the site.

My recovery was so much slower, and feeling didnt come back but to half my body hours later. The next day, it finally returned to the other half.

I hate that once the epi is in, there are twice as many rules and you no longer have as many options and they kind of call the shots.

With my 2nd and every once since I havent had it. Yeah it hurts but soooo much better than getting the epi. Recovery is so much faster and I love that birthing high that helps with bonding I think.

I love that I knew my rights the 2nd time around as well. I could change positions much as i wanted, etc not getting it. I could also be a more active participant in my birth. It was amazing feeling the baby come down, telling the nurses it was time, I need to push, rather than them have to check me and tell me when to push.

Either way, every woman is different. I am all for every woman getting the birth she wants. If she goes in knowing she wants all the interventions and augmentations available, more power to her. As long as she is happy after. Nothing like having things forced on you.

I mean, its bad having the epi and all kinds of other things you dont want forced on you, but what if it was the other way around and you wanted the pain relief or this or that and someone else was making that decision for you and you had to fight for it and they didnt want to give it because it made things more of a hassle for them?

Either way, I am all about the mother having informed consent and making her own choices (of course, this is all barring medical complications of mom or baby).

Risks vs benefits, I am a no epi mom but don't think I wouldnt start considering if I had one of those marathon slow progressing births that last days though. Ha.

You just never know how you are gonna feel in that moment but as long as in that moment, you are well informed and have educated yourself so that you can weigh the pros and cons yourself and make the decision that is right for YOU and not the medical staff.
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