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February 12th, 2011, 07:13 PM
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He needs to get into a GI ASAP. He isn't eating enough to get him energy and if that is the case and he won't change, he will likely need a feeding tube at least for a few days to get energy back in him. I know we had to add Kool-aid powder to Danny's Neocate so that he would drink it. He liked the flavor better that way. How often does he pee? Is the inside of his mouth wet, moist, tacky, or dry? If he is old enough, ask him to spit in your hand. If he can't do any of these then you need to take him into the hospital because he is dehydrated. I can't believe that is all he is eating and his doctors aren't concerned at all. Do you have to have a referral to get anywhere? I would call every GI that is within traveling distance and see which one has the soonest appointment. I would see if they could hold the appointment and then demand that your primary fax a referral or find a primary care that will. He needs to see someone and the way they aren't treating him is rediculous. If he eats like this everyday it is definitely not normal, but if he can't play because he has no energy and it has gone longer than three days I would take him in and if nothing else get a CBC to determine if it is bacterial or viral. Danny had usually 6-7 runny diapers everyday until he was 19 months old...we figured out he was allergic to soy...but anytime he got sick it automatically did the same thing....doubled. Thankfully he was a hearty eater and loved his formula, but if your LO is eating like that everyday, or even just a little more than that every day, he needs to see a GI. He isn't eating enough to grow, and you can't force him to eat. A GI, especially a ped GI, should understand that and be able to help him. ((((HUGS)))) I know this is really hard and I REALLY hope you get some answers soon. Your doctors seem absolutely ridiculous... :'(

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