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February 14th, 2011, 09:45 AM
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Day 1

Exercise - 30 Day Shred done! I was interrupted 3 times and had to take a break to feed Natalie half way through it, but I came back and finished it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to do it without interruptions. I will come back later to post how the diet part of my day went.

Diet - I did good on this today. My dinner was a little more calorie rich than I prefer, but all and all I feel good about today.

I also go measurements today.

Measurements -

Weight: 175 blah

Arm: 12 inches
Chest (above breasts): 38 inches
Chest (below breasts): 36 inches
Waist: 34 inches
Belly button: 39 inches
Hips: 43 1/2 inches
Thighs: 24 inches
Calf: 13 inches

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