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February 14th, 2011, 12:07 PM
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take her to an opthomologist!! Not an optomotrist. Yes it might just be a lazy eye and might even get better on its own, but if you don't take her now you are going to hurt her vision more.

the reason a lazy eye happens, is yes because of muscles, however, it usually has to do with a weaker eye, as in the vision. When you get one eye that crosses, the brain is going to turn that eye off. Turns it off completely so the child is blind in that eye regardless of the vision it could have. It does this to protect the brain. When you have an eye that is misaligned, you see double! Which could explain why she does not have good depth perception.

The reason you patch: patching, yes will make the weaker eye work harder and it could be like putting a blinder on the child, however it forces the weaker eye to work and thus regaining vision in that eye.

Take her to the doctor, she might need patching, she might need surgery, she might need both or nothing at all. Don't play with her eyes, once they are gone they are gone. A child gains all their vision when they are young. So even if the eye has potential of good vision, the brain will not know how to use it and the child will still not see.

and welcome, i'm Kaytee SAHM to Nihcole (5) and Avery who is visually impaired. She is legally blind and wears contacts. She can only see arms length, beleive me if I could patch her to get her better vision, I patch her with 20 patches at once

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