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February 14th, 2011, 07:25 PM
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For the past week I have been having some bleeding. My ob had me come in last week & gave me an rx for progesterone suppositories (due to low prog before that led to a m/c) & had me have two blood draws to check hcg levels (this past wed & fri).
We went in today for the results. My hcg went from 6000 to 9500 which wasn't great. So they did an u/s. The sac was there & we even saw the little heart beat fluttering! But the bad news is the sac has attached low & onto my c-section scar tissue. There is also a big blob of blood in my uterus which is from the embryo irritating the scar tissue. This is where the bleeding is coming from.
My doctor said the next 4 weeks is critical & if the baby stays attached until then, then it should be Ok. He didn't give me any percentages though & I am not having any luck googling tonight to find any answers. My ob is normally very positive (even when I was in heart failure after my 1st) but today he was more reserved & I am not taking that as a good sign.
I will keep bleeding off & on due to the blood in my uterus so if I do m/c it will be difficult to know immediately.
Have any of you ever heard of this? Do you know if there is a name for it? I go back next Tuesday for another u/s & more bloodwork.

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